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Collaborative Joy Seeker | Tenacious Woman of Action | Empathy Building Storyteller | Passion-filled Technician
Why I Do What I Do:
To inspire and ignite authentic connection within people so that they can feel fully seen, understood, represented, and less alone in the world. 
I Am Most Interested In:
-Play & Collaboration in the work. Playing is the name of my game in the rehearsal room / on stage / on set so that we can find & create the most authentic version of the story at hand
-Developing strong, bad-ass female-identifying characters that stand in their power
-Creating new works from the ground up & bringing fresh heart-filled perspectives to classic stories
-Collaborating with empathy creating Creatives who want to tell diverse, honest, & radically inclusive stories.
-Working with Leaders who create community, believe in the integrity of their work, and create a space for creativity to bloom
-Creating with & supporting Fierce female-identifying gladiators​​
Things You Perhaps Didn't Know About Me
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How I help people change their lives (in addition to storytelling): 
Through Pilates! I'm a fully Certified Pilates Trainer 
& Fitness/Wellness Specialist
Do I Choreograph?
Yes! I've choreographed for theatres in the Chicago-land /New York regions & have worked as associate choreographer & dance captain for multiple projects. I love adding to a project's vision as a 
member of the choreography team.
I Love:   
My Wife, Family, Arts n' Crafts, Home Decor, the Golden Girls, Betty White, Spontaneous Dance Parties
Something that is Secretly Not-So-Secret about me:
I am a die-hard Grey's Anatomy fan. I'm ready to play your doctor/intern/nurse asap, let me just scrub in real fast. 
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My Strengths I Bring to the Table
(as described  by my collaborators​):
Always story focused, first.
Performances that  lives at the intersection of Science & Art, Detail & Heart, Technique & Freedom, Rehearsal & Spontaneity.

Patient & Passionate Collaborator that blooms 

while being part of a team.

A relentless commitment &    desire to always be learning,     growing, & improving.   

Strong ability to take

fine small details & 

see the big picture.

 A  hard-working, relentless, & tenacious work-ethic. 
Infectious authentic ability to spark joy & positivity & lead with/share my heart with others.
Fierce Do-er. Empathy Builder. Playful Risk-Taker.
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