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I'm a storyteller, collaborator, actor, dancer, singer who loves to PLAY. Through my storytelling, I  seek to authentically add joy to people's lives and  allow people to feel fully seen and  represented. 

What's Going On?

SNL with Jimmy Fallon!

Kelsey performed on the Emmy award winning episode of Saturday Night Live in the opening monologue number, hosted by Jimmy Fallon with choreography by Sarah O'Gleby and Chris Bailey.

The Goin's  Great!

Onstage Blog writes that "The Goin' is Great, is a dance short we should all watch!" The Goin' is Great was directed and choreographed by Chip Abbott with brilliant Cinematography by Shayla Benoit of Shady Theatrics! Check out the beautiful article here.

Broadway Backwards!

Kelsey performed in Broadway Backwards benefiting BC/EFA, The LGBT Center of New York, and the Actor's Fund with choreogrpahy by Chaz Wolcott, Adams Roberts, and Bob Bartley. 



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